I help people to look within and find the inner strengths they have to overcome problems. This is achieved by guiding them in a process that discovers their best way of expressing themselves in a healthy manner.

Psychological Services

About Psychotherapy:
Psychotherapy is a unique, professional relationship that has the potential to help change your way of life significantly. Together, we find the most effective way to overcome problems by setting goals that work best for you.  Psychotherapy has no known side effects and has the potential for long lasting change.  Success in therapy creates the confidence that you need to better enhance your inner being.  My work with you focuses on making progress in all areas of your life: at home, in work or school and within relationships. 
(Most health insurance accepted for psychotherapy please check with your provider about your benefits by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card.)

Psychological Services Available:
  • Individual Interpersonal Therapy
  • Family Counseling
  • Psychological Testing and Evaluation
  • Consultation 
Specialty areas:

ADHD and Executive functioning
Having struggles with focus, transitions, organization forgetfulness or regulating your emotions can cause stress at work, school and at home.  This inner stress can impact relationships with others. I help people to understand the way their brain works and capitalize on their areas of strength.  A combination of skill development and insight orientated work helps to bring forth potential in areas of life that you may not have recognized before.  

Trauma Informed Psychotherapy
Trauma impacts an individual in many ways.  Each person experiences it differently.  Recent research has brought forth evidence that the body and the brain reacts to trauma in ways that impacts you daily, causing difficulties adjusting to everyday life.  My approach recognizes that you need the safest, most comfortable way to help adjust to the thoughts and feelings that occur when facing change.  I respect and accept that there is no time limit on wellness.  Some people recover within weeks and some need a long term approach.  I work with you to develop goals and a treatment plan that belongs to you and your progress.  

Attachment Focused Psychotherapy and Family Counseling 
Sometimes parents become separated from their children for various reasons and the grief they feel may cause them to feel shamed or blamed.  I work with individuals and families who may have experienced separation to help them work through these experiences in a positive manner.  My approach supports the individual child, adult or family to create healthy relationship patterns and feel connected to others once again.  

Imaginative Play Therapy:

I see people of all ages.  Regardless if an individual is at the beginning or the end of their life, there is always a life stage to tackle and overcome.  With younger people I utilize an approach that helps them to express themselves in their own language through play.

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation and Testing:

Psychological testing and evaluation services for adults and children are unique and specialized to the individual needs of the client and may include:
  • Personality testing
  • Cognitive/intelligence testing
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Arson/Fire risk assessment
  • Clinical evaluation of complex diagnostics
  • Substance abuse assessment
  • Parenting and caregiver wellness
  • Emotional disturbance in children
Pricing ranges from $900-$2,000 (health insurance not accepted for evaluation services)