I help people to look within and find the inner strengths they have to overcome problems. This is achieved by guiding them in a process that discovers their best way of expressing themselves in a healthy manner.

About Heather Lynch


I'd like to tell you what you need to know about me.  I run a positive, person centered psychology practice in beautiful South Burlington, Vermont.  Since 1995, I have met hundreds of people through this work and find that each person has their own story. Everyone has something good inside of them no matter what they may face in life.

I have extensive experience with psychological testing and evaluation.  The process I take consists of starting by defining the goals for the assessment, a comprehensive evaluation process, then consultation of the results.  I develop a report for you and your providers that is in layman's language so that everyone has a good understanding of what effective ways can be helpful. 


Welcome to my office located in South Burlington, Vermont.

The address is: 20 Kimball Avenue, Suite 304 

Psychological Services

Psychological Services Available:
  • Psychological testing and evaluation
  • Neuropsychological testing
  • Individual person centered psychotherapy (limited availability)
  • Consultation 
Specialty areas:

Comprehensive Psychological Evaluation and Testing:

Psychological testing and evaluation services for adults and children ages 3 and up are unique and specialized to the individual needs of the client and may include:
  • Cognitive/intelligence testing for neuropsychological disorders 
  • Memory testing
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
  • Psychoeducational assessments for adults and children
  • Mental Status Examinations
  • Fitness for duty 
  • Fitness for lifestyle (such as adoption or surrogacy)
  • Clinical evaluation of complex diagnostics
  • Emotional disturbance
Pricing ranges from $900-$2,000 (health insurance may not cover services)

About Psychotherapy:
Psychotherapy is a unique, professional relationship that has the potential to help change your way of life significantly. Together, we find the most effective way to overcome problems by setting goals that work best for you.  Psychotherapy has no known side effects and has the potential for long lasting change.  Success in therapy creates the confidence that you need to better enhance your inner being. My work with you focuses on making progress in all areas of your life: at home, in work or school and within relationships.

Health insurance accepted for psychotherapy: BCBS and MVP - please check with your provider about your benefits by calling the phone number on the back of your insurance card.)